RetroVibe Studio - modern mixes with vintage flavour!


My name is Maciej Bąk and I am independent producer, musician, songwriter, mix & recording angineer based in Warsaw, Poland.

I run RetroVibe Studio.
Starting in 2012, I was at first producing, recording and mixing indie artists from the local scene.

RetroVibe Studio is primarily an online mixing, mastering & production service for customers from all around the world. 
I do also engineer and produce records on location.

I also compose and produce music from scratch to finished masters for TV / radio / film and stage plays.

Throughout the years I've been working with artists in various musical genres, including: 
singer-songwriter / americana / indie-pop / electro-pop / hip-hop / roots music / indie folk / psychedelic rock / rock'n'roll / garage rock / hard rock / hip-hop / blues

In my work I use various modern mixing and production techniques enriched by adding various sonic character and colour.

Please check out Portfolio and Services & Pricing sections for more information on my work.